Saturday, June 19, 2004


Ok, I am now in lewisville, texas! It's looking alright as of now. Lot's of flat land and my suite is fantastic! Homewood Suites people. If only I had an apartment like this back home. I shall take a video and save it somewhere for you guys to view.

So, just had our first breakfast here and I am feeling so thirsty already. Yesterday's high temperature was 95 degrees Farenheit. It's HOTTER than Malaysia, can you believe it.

Shopping is next on the agenda and souvenir shopping. Had a little fiasco at the airport - involving pepper spray(!), don't know if it's legal to talk about it! But it's really susah to get in here lah! The flight was too long - been travelling since 7am 18 June and arrived here at the hotel at 2am 20 June. Way too long and people who are coming in, make sure your transit hours are good and long enough if you're catching a connecting flight!

Anyway, enough for now. Will update later. Brain too fried to think.

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