Monday, April 19, 2004

Ok, it's been a week since I stopped climbing (or 6 days) and my thighs are still hurting! Could it very possibly be because I had conditioned myself to think that I was going to get a long-deserved, luxurious, oh-so-beautiful massage to de-stress and relax my whole body ........but didn't? Or is it just because I didn't hurt that much in the beginning and the effects are residual and taking longer to vanish?

So that's the only side effect I have - hurting thighs.

When you're going up Mount Kinabalu, I must MUST recommend strongly that you go with somebody who can motivate you, somebody who can push you, somebody who won't give up on you!!! Preferably a loved one! Because I sure know that there are times when you need pushing. Not that you wanna give up but that the numbness, the shortness of breath, the ache just makes you wanna stop longer than you should and sleep out there. (I LOVED the hot steaming bowl of Maggi Mee I immediately ordered when I reached Laban Rata). Ah! The simple things in life!

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