Monday, June 21, 2004

It's the end of the weekend and tomorrow will be a workday from the shuttle to office at 7.30am until the shuttle scheduled back to the hotel at 5.15pm. Sounds like a real long day doesn't it? Hope all goes well, especially since my name will be on all the reports!

So, I have already bought a cool cool pinstripe suit cos we went shopping at Grapevine Mall today. It has all the outlet stores that sell brand names cheaper. Saw some other cool stuff, like attitude t-shirts, but I think I will save them for when I am sure I have money left. Cos the western stuff has all NOT been bought yet and time is so short with so much to do. I don't know if we have covered all of Lewisville but there are a whole lot of fun family chain restaurants here that we have definitely not tried yet. I really wanna check out Jack In A Box cos I've never had that! Same goes for Taco Bell.

Also went grocery shopping today at Target and I tried on lots of XL sizes......from the Children's Department. COOL! Really saves my dollars although I must say the best thing that has caught my eye thus far are the attitude t-shirts. They have smart ass phrases on them and I saw 'Princess' with a cat, D!!!!

So, everybody's getting along very well and we're gonna cook a Malaysian dinner for everybody from office....well, the two that we have lots of contact with anyway! AND, we met this really nice man, Douglas, who's a trainer too, on loan here in Texas from Michigan!

He was so kind - found out where the mall was, drove us there in his car, spent a couple of hours walking about with an ice-cream so we could shop. And!!!! he's even found out about a rance where we can go ride horses and meet cowboys and do Texas-exy stuff! Hahahahhaa.....he's wanting to introduce his 6'4" blond haired son to us who can show us how to twirl a gun from the holster (I'm sure it's meant to be draw and something but twirl sounds like it describes the motion pretty well). We've also got Six Flags in mind and definitely Western shopping!

Breakfast has been pretty good but I seem to get hungry again in the middle of the afternoon even though I ate a pretty heavy breakfast - today. And in the afternoon about 5-7pm, I think everyone naps. You just can't help it!

Well, hope all goes well tomorrow and I love that this hotel has free internet which seems so far, touch wood, to be readily available whenever I want it. Should try to get Yahoo messenger loaded on here so I can chat!

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