Sunday, April 04, 2004

Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that it has been over a month since I last wrote. I probably stopped being on the fitness track like 3 weeks after.....Have been to FRIM two times in the past month and have thouroughly enjoyed myself. Don't know why the other jogging/exercise tracks don't get me going but I just get so excited going to FRIM. Hvae been doing their hill trails and got up them without much problem.

Also went on the canopy walk. Had to pay RM6 for the honour and it wasn't actually worth it cos it wasn't very long or scary! And we didn't get to loiter......... took some photographs but D has them and I am not very sure how they turned out.....Could see the Twin Towers and KL Tower and it was cool. Others were afraid of the swaying and the height but hey, honestly, it wasn't such a big deal to me. In fact, I loved the swaying....put some action into it.

Went on a shopping expedition yesterday to Sunway Pyramid. Since I haven't been buying anything.....much.....lately, I thought it would have been a greattttttt trip. Didn't buy anything. Saw some fantastic shoes at Vincci and Esarli and Nose (who almost always emulates some other brands designs for a cheaper price - henc I love them!!!) but they were expensive!!! So I didn't buy any! Have decided to get at least 2-3 of them though. feet; watch out!

So, Friday- Thursday 9-15th April, I shall be away, hopefully getting my summit cert (HAVE TO GET IT NO MATTER WHAT!) and shopping and river rafting and basically experiencing new and wonderful things!

See you when I get back!

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