Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Stanford University announces plans to clone human embryos

WOW! I don't know if this is entirely advisable.....I can just see the headlines screaming anto-cloning news....Although it is for a good cause because alot of times, stem cell treatment is the most effective way to grow new 'weapons' to fight the disease. However, this issue leads almost seamlessly into another controversial matter with regards to the procreation of human embryos (brothers or sisters to be less impersonal) specifically to be generators of stem cells to be harvested. We'll see what happens.

Christmas is coming and New Year's is coming. After that there will be one month of solid work (yes, no public holidays in January!) followed by CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Raya has come and almost gone....though looking around the office and even some roads around KL, you'll think it was still here.....There's hardly anybody around.

I was involved in an accident just before Hari Raya. Clumsy old me accelerated into the back of a Kembara at a roundabout. It was a case of bad driving for me because I stepped on the pedal without confirming that the woman drive in front of me, although having pushed the nose of her Kembara so far out into the traffic, still hadn't moved....Well, it was an expensive lesson. Cost me RM700 to replace my bonnet, grill, have some knocking done to realign crooked bits of metal....

C'est la vie!

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