Tuesday, December 03, 2002

(Some old Blogs that never got published:)

[8/5/2002 4:07:53 PM | Errolyn Tan]

My duck didn't win!.....nothing...not even the consolation prizes but I did get the soft yellow duckies one wins in conpetitions

Cyril Lim as host was Fabulous and Hydro and Torpedo were soooo cute....!

Well, til next year!

[8/1/2002 9:14:59 AM | Errolyn Tan]
Hi there! Time's running out on my one-month assignment here at my new project. I have learned lots and had fun doing it. Just have to wait and see if they extend my posting.

This coming Sunday is the KL Duck Race! We have a duck just waiting to win. His name is ED and whoever doesn't have a duck but is interested in supporting one, Ed's your man!

Gosh, so much has been happening lately that it is kind of difficult to keep up and report about it....but suffice to say I've been running around and travelling alot especially since my sister is back from the States.

We just came back from Haadyai so we bought a lot of new stuff at unbelieveably affordable prices. Had my favourite massage as well.

Just reread Ender's Game and is a little bit into Speaker for the Dead....you guys who haven't taken me up on my invitation to read the trilogy should be punished!

Anyway, my parting words for this session are: Enjoy Life....Take Care...Love Somebody

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