Thursday, June 06, 2002

I guess you can tell it's been a busy busyyy week. There was a rush at work but now I am back....ready to tackle whatever the hot topic is at the moment.....Just give me a moment to snare the hot topic ok.....

My Hot Topic of the Day is:

People using your stuff without asking you first. Housemates are probably the biggest culprits...ok I don't know that for sure but they sure are to me! However, the weird thing is that it's a seasonal thing....usually involving when housemates' FRIENDS come a-visiting. Did nobody ever teach these people that they are NOT SUPPOSED to be using other people's stuff without having the courtesy of asking first?

I don't care if it's toothpaste, or glue or my slippers or my rubbish. ASK ME FIRST! What makes my situation so ingratiating is that they are using my Ultra-Expensive Hair Care products. I could commit blue murder! Those Kiasu Visitors.....(need not mention where they come from eh? :)

Anyhow, being Asian and unnecessarily polite at times, I am just going to have to resort to stashing and safeguarding all my stuff in my room. God Help Me! I need to rent another room for storage......

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