Friday, March 11, 2011

True Fitness

Guess What! I joined True Fitness again! With a Gym Buddy! Yeah, the last time (like yearsss ago), I joined with 2 gym buddies who flaked out on me! But now, I am serious and I hope Gym Buddy (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) is too! So exciting!

I am back to pre-pregnancy weight but hope to lose some more to my ideal weight cos god knows I wasn't ideal to begin with....hahahhahaha.....And the thing is I do actually enjoy using the gym. I may not always enjoy getting up the willpower to GO to the gym especially when it's early in the morning or raining...but I enjoy using it for sure! The toned muscles and sleeker body all make me feel mucho proud. I love the elliptical and I love using the weight machines too....the only thing I hate in the gym is the treadmill! Hahahahhahaha.....So, here's raising a glass (of water) to my 2 year gym membership!

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