Friday, March 18, 2011


Yeay for Milk A Deal - so far I've bought vouchers for mani pedis as well as set lunch for two. So cool!
MilkADeal and Groupon are just two services in Malaysia who are channels for commercial businesses to advertise their services and wares at discounted prices to encourage traffic flow to their outlets.

The first voucher I bought was for a Mani Pedi RM35 for a service that was 'worth' RM75 at Jac and Jans. Buyer beware though - if I had Googled Jac and Jans, I may have found out that they are an old hair salon near Jake's at Bukit Damansara and their Mani Pedi was performed by 2 old Indonesian women who probably wash hair at the salon. My friend and I were asked, not very politely or useful-ly, to sit in any of the hair styling seats....since we weren't sure where the nail activity centre was, we thought we were being asked to sit on the bench to wait cos we sure as heck couldn't see any nail 'chairs' with the sinks and stuff. Lo and behold, yeah, sit at the hairstyling chairs and two women carried out some nail baths that looked like they were bought 5th hand and caked with dirt and yucky stuff. Mine had a strand of hair in it. I pointed it out to my old woman and she said, "Oh, only 1 strand!" to which I replied, "Yeah, well it ain't mine and I don't want it curling around my feet!". Guffaw!

Needless to say the expertise is not there and my friend had a crooked French Mani. Colours to choose from were sorely lacking and there weren't any dryers. My friend got some hairdryer time on her fingers though. Oh by the way, there is a Chinese woman there whose face could curdle milk!!!!

We were just so glad to get outta there! I didn't even wait til my nails were dry - we were off to an almost just-as-bad lunch at nearby Victoria Station.

Don't even get me started on that - my lamb was inedible - I WILL NOT GO TO VICTORIA STATION EVER AGAIN!

Now I am NOT dissing MilkADeal, I think it's great but it would be even better if the staff got free services for each promotion that is being offered and they get to decide if the promo is genuine and some comments by the team can be inserted for the unsuspecting public to decide if they wanna spend hard-earned money buying. For example, my comment for the Jacs and Jans service would be:

A simple amateurish service with limited colours performed in a hair salon environment. For RM35, don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

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