Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Save the One You Love!

In life, there are momentous times when you have epiphanies, when you realise it's time to give back to society....and then the moment passes and you continue in your wild goose chase (?) for money, status and power.

Remember this name - MVFRA.

Visit this website - www.mvfra.org - the Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Malaysia.

Help someone!

Captain K. Balasupramaniam or Captain Bala for short is a young Malaysian who's been tireless in his efforts to save and educate people from around the world. He's been in countless rescue missions within Malaysia and he's been sent as an angel of mercy to other countries like China and Indonesia where massive natural disasters create an even greater need for a show of human kindness.

When you start a search for the website above, you will find that it is not something new and others have written about it. I'm writing about it tonight because I just attended a Road Survival Talk (2 hours and all too brief!) conducted by Capt. Bala. He's a funny man, very young - I was surprised to see someone so young....but the message that he is trying to deliver is neither comical nor new.

He teaches numerous courses on how to survive on the road, in the city (especially for women), in fires and even has specialised courses for kids! No one has walked away from his seminars bored or ambivalent. I am sure many of those who attended tonight are as of now, making hectic plans to visit their nearby hardware store to get the much acclaimed Life Hammer that could indeed, save your life if your car happens to turn turtle or turn renegade and you have to get outta there fast .......

When he shares his stories, his sentiments and his experiences (all 18 years worth), I couldn't help but shed a few shy tears - yes, I love my husband, yes, I love my family - so why don't I take better care of them AND of myself?

A couple of hours and a few ringgit could award you many more years with your family! The MVFRA is a non-profit privately-sponsored initiative that tries to educate, promote and instil values of safety and I must say, humanity, in all Malaysians.

Our talk tonight was sponsored by the company and it was, as in the famous words of Visa, priceless!

So please - if you can, if you want to, make a contribution to help them achieve one of their aims this year - to gift 18 full-fledged ambulances that will provide FREE service for accident victims. And if you want to provide corporate sponsorship, all the better cos every RM counts!

After his talk, driving home tonight I had a better understanding and empathy, not to mention tolerance, for the motorcycle riders out there. I don't swerve around them or honk at them, not because I am afraid they are Mat Rempit, but just because it doesn't cost me anything to not take a life, not jeopardise a family cos everyone has someone who cares for them. 15 minutes, or even 30 minutes extra is going to buy me a whole lot more time with my family and everyone else's theirs - if only we showed a little kindness along this journey called life!

Captain Bala's underlying message was one of love and hope as he teaches us about survival and emergency rescue tips as well as knowing how to stay calm and know what to do so you can help yourself and someone else! For example, if you/someone need/s a neck brace in the event of a car accident, you need to know that it needs to be put on tight with the head and neck held rigid - if only for the simple reason that no further injury to the spine is caused and to stop the neck from lolling around and the tongue to jam up the airway. Also, knowing about the ring cutter to stop your rings from stripping the flesh from your fingers, besides learning how to use oxygen tanks so that CPR is not worthless - heck, learn how to perform CPR!

There were so many hints and tips I can't list them all here - but needless to say, every little bit of correct information we learn could be useful in helping us save a life one day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

SIGH! Guilt is a sign of a mind that is free...

Now I feel guilty…..maybe some people are just made the way they are…..maybe they don't know any better? Sigh - oklah, I will just keep to my own business from now on.

Toxic People Around You?

A couple of things I wanted to highlight.

No. 1 is this great quote I read in an email attachment someone sent me - great in meaning and great in untackiness….

"Dream of what you most enjoy
Go where you want to go
Be whom you want to be
You have but one life
So achieve what you want to achieve."

You know living life and being happy is not difficult in its core. We just do it. If you want to be rich, then when you work for it (be it by working in an organisation or on your back as some people enjoy doing - which will be discussed in more detail later in the post) then don't complain about it because that is what you decided makes you happy.

(Gosh, I can feel my mood changing as I write this - it started out happy and motivated and enlightened and became a little bit….angry…)

I get upset when people whine all their lives (ok, start of 'much more detail later part of post'). I know some people in my life who are happy to fcuk for money and presents and gifts with no thought to anyone but themselves and still manage to find time to whine. I can’t understand how some people can love themselves so much to the exclusion of others. I have always thought it unfair to cheat on your partner, be it with someone else or with yourself (not that I'm counting masturbation - but when you love yourself too much to the point you'd hurt your partner to advance yourself then yeah, that can be called cheating - right?) ((Another aside: yup, definitely angry mood), But ever since getting married and feeling the emotions that I feel now when I look at JH's face (I love just looking at his face - I don't think he knows I stare at him when he eats….)…..Anyway, I feel so doggone ANGRY when people are selfishly fcuking for money and cheating on their partner! ARRGGGHGHHHH!!!!!How can you live a happy life when you can't even forget yourself for one moment and fully love and care for another??? It is one of the greatest joys in life - says the woman who isn't sure she wants children….- but seriously when you want to do all the little things you sometimes wouldn't even do for yourself, for someone else, you know that you're happy. Do you understand what I'm saying? You know, like I want to eat that fruit in the refrigerator downstairs but I'm too lazy to get it - so I don't. As compared to I want him to eat it or I'm sure he wants it - therefore I go down and get it……

Some people think that when you get a man to spend money on you or when you humiliate him and he takes it, it makes you great - well, it doesn't. It tells me you're shallow and immature and your parents have brought you up to care more about yourself than others! Trust me, no man wants to be taken for a ride and no man will take it forever - that's why God invented the concept of trust and respect. Aiya, I don't know why I'm in this mood. I just read about whines all day long - people who want more than they're getting just because they can. Like I said in my Beijing post - I saw a garbage woman pushing her father/husband along in a wheelchair collecting recyclable aluminum tins from garbage cans and she was happily smiling and chatting away. It's not money and material things that make you happy!

It's having your husband drive up to the house and break into a wide smile as he sees you at the door. It's preparing the chair for your husband when you're settling down to watch a movie cos he is more comfortable that way. It's buying something expensive for your sister just because you know she'd love it. It's telling your mum you love her to get her out of a funk, even when you're upset yourself and reminding your dad that he's done so much to shape you into the person you are….

People wonder why I wonder at having children - perhaps I'm just a pessimist - I know there are good people out there but I am deathly afraid I won't know how to raise our child(ren) into good people - good not necessarily as in rich and famous but good in the heart and mind and soul. These are things I don't know how to teach! So many people can go wrong - I have friends who can, by all accounts and standards, be happy but they continue to whine - I don't have enough money, I don't have enough stuff, I don't have enough skinniness….sigh…..perhaps they just need more luck and good karma - then the right inspiration will come into their lives and they will have an 'Eureka' moment - life is about having the right happy people around you. I think I have to explain this - in order for the people around you to be happy, you will have to influence them right, and vice versa…..so it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation where you make them happy and when they're happy, they make you happy and the cycle goes on…..the thing is just to identify the right people for your little group and to be willing to start the cycle - but hey, that's just me.

Maybe others are happy with an extra bottle of perfume! (Yikes, maybe I shouldn't have said that - the best perfume in the world is happy pheromones)!!! Someone stop me PLEASE!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I tell you I am bloody sick of Digi!!! Their signal sucks and even though I am on a special discounted line between myself and hubby, our bills still run to the RM100s!!!! I don't understand this?? We're supposed to have discounts between us Digi freaking zens but I don't see the discount reflected anywhere!!!

Hubby's recent bill had a RM10 discount - for all that he calls me, no way there is only RM10 worth of calls that can be discounted!

And when I try to check our bills on their so-called All Convenient Online Customer Service (OCS) whaddya know - it's OFFLINE from 19 - 30 April.

I am telling you - if you are not on Digi - don't go there and if you are, do think of switching. I just told JH that we oughta get rid of DIGI, I don't care to which provider we go to - just anywhere BUT DIGI - Disgustingly Inefficient Gila Idiot!