Sunday, March 01, 2009

Good Places for KL!!!

HiHIHI!!! Just wanted to recommend a couple of good places for eating in KL! I know! Can't believe I said that!!!!

Anyway, here goes:

1. Old Hong Kong Kitchen in Jalan Utara (or somewhere thereabouts). It's near the Pasar Rakyat - NOT PLaza Rakyat which is Puduraya. So it's at a corner lot bungalow just around the Bus Station that's there. If you drive a full circle around the bus station you should be able to find it - Oh Yeah, it's opposite the Beryl's chocolate kingdom......

(Aside: That whole road is actually full of chocolatiers!!! Can't believe it man!)

So this place serves the most awesome DIM SUM!!! I am not really a big fan of it but I thought the little itty bitty things were all so deliciously and (it tasted like) lovingly prepared! The skin of the Prawn Dumpling (ha kau) was soft and thin and the prawns inside were big and fresh and juicy and sweet. Another fave of mine, the beancurd skin with prawns inside - mmmm, the skin was crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth and the prawns again.....Even the Siew Mai which I usually hate on account of it being too MEATY - was great! I would have had a second piece if I had room in my stomach!

We also ordered the Fried Rice with Dried Scallop (19.90 for a sharing portion) and that was good too - couldn't really find a lot of scallop but overall, very ok to eat! The dim sums were RM4.80, RM5.80 on average.....So very yummylicious food for affordable prices!

2. BBQ Chicken LG floor at 1Utama, New Wing. We had walked by it many a time, always feeling kinda sorry for it cos it would inevitably be empty but I told myself we have to try it SOMETIME! And we did! And it was great to JH and ok to me. It was very healthy chicken - steamed or broiled or grilled or something but leaving a wee bit of redness on the inside (which I can't stand) and lots of juicy tenderness (which I love!). So all in all, we promised ourselves we'd come back! The mushroom soup was good too!

Last night we walked by it again and WOO HOO!!!!! It's packed! I am so happy for them cos I was afraid that they were going to have to close down.......

So there you go. Go I tell you! GO!

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