Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Most people think I flirt. I do not share the same opinion as most people but one day, a long time ago, a man offered his insight about it to me that I can't help but find truly reasonable. He said that I don't see my so-called flirting as that - to me, it is just natural friendliness or exuberance. However men on the receiving end of my laughs and my joking touches on the arm would see it differently.

I tend to be very happy around people I like - even if I've just met them. If we can click, it doesn't matter if they're male or female, I get quite touchy-feely. I'm a visual and kinesthetic person, what can I say? Recently, I've had several new encounters with different people, mostly female and a couple of males - but nobody bats an eyelid when I get friendly with females. I can't understand it!

Do we have to live our lives according to the genders? Why can't I just be friendly with people I like - male or female??!

So far I've had understanding partners - people who know who I am and understand my style and they know I don't go out there to flirt. It's only those who don't me who judge me and yes, most of the time I don’t give a flying farthing what they think, but if they were to influence unduly people who are important to me, then I would get very very mad.

ShiT! Why can't I just be the way I am?

Friday, December 12, 2008

This is one of my Favourite Things

Found a fantastic new site! Featuring shoes, Wonderful Shoes!!!!! It's in my BlogRoll now..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gory Death - Who Is To Blame?

Today a colleague sent me pictures of a man who was killed at a Petronas Station in Gunung Lang, Ipoh in Nov 08. His name was Ustaz Mohammad Khairuddin Mohamed Isa and he had just started work there as a part-time clerk 4 days before his death.

3 Indian men were charged recently with allegedly causing his death on 11 Dec 08 while a fourth Indian man is still at large. After allegedly slashing him with parangs, they left him to die while they looted the station of RM1000. The pictures were horrific - there was so much blood everywhere and his white shirt was completely soaked with blood. There were 5 pictures in the email. They started off with the most 'easy to take' (if there is such a thing) a shot of the scene from afar and slowly, the series moved in to show his face from the left and then his face from the right. His nose seemed split into two or was gone and his right eye was completely sealed shut (am unsure if it was from swelling or just that it was bludgeoned and cut til there was just a mush of flesh pulp. The worst of all, was the pic from the right - a slice of his face near the top of his head was just …sort of…hanging. Since it was all bloody, you can't really differentiate the parts of his skull or flesh, or brain matter but you can see the hanging sliver.

It's not the awful scene that prompts me to write. I just cannot imagine that men can do this to their fellow man. And all for RM1000! How does one feel, what goes through one's head when you lift your arm - knowing full well it is armed with a parang or cleaver or something equally damaging - and bring it down with full force on another human being??? Does your humanity and conscience fly out the window? This man had 6 kids and a wife. He was working for the extra money to support his further studies and 4 men, chose one morning to end his life. The captured Indian men were young - 2 were only 22 and 1 was 32. What gave them the right???? What made them so brave? Ustaz Khairuddin was someone loved and respected - he was someone's son, someone's husband, someone's dad!

I'm sorry to say but I don't think violence on tv ruined them and I don't think childhood abuse marred their souls - I think parents need to take a hell of a lot more responsibility for how their kids turn out - 10% perhaps is nature - if he has a violent personality - that's 'unchangeable' but his parents had the SOLE responsibility of bringing him up right. Bringing a child up right means he doesn't go out robbing, stealing and killing others or little animals. Maybe I'm not a parent yet and I do not know the perils of parenthood - but by George, if I can't do at least a decent job of it, I should NOT START!

I pray that Ustaz Khairuddin's family never saw or see the photographs. No family deserves a nightmare like this. (I hope they don't trawl the internet and come across this post!) I think losing a family member is terrible enough but to know how they died (like Daniel Pearl's widow who watched his death/murder video so that she would be able to answer any questions her child had in the future) would be torture. I think it would play in your mind forever and you'd relive the pain a 1000 times over!

The (alleged) ingrates will be in court on Jan 13 2009. I think a just punishment for any crime of this sort is to slowly slice off piece by piece of the guilty party's flesh day by day and let them slowly rot, bleed to death. Death by hanging and even death by electric chair is too uncreative for the multitude of ways people think up to kill others.

Please God - make them stop!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday my office ran a Blood Donation Drive and I donated 450ml.....Yeay!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dying For The Arts

Guess what? Today a man was killed for singing one too many songs!!! In KL!!!!!

Here's the article:

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian man died after being stabbed in the chest in a row that erupted after he was accused of hogging the microphone at a karaoke venue, state media reported.

Police in Sandakan on Borneo island said that 23-year-old Abdul Sani Doli was believed to have angered other patrons by singing one tune after another, and refusing to hand over the microphone.

A row broke out with three men at the next table, escalating into a fist fight outside the karaoke joint, Sandakan police chief Rosli Mohd Isa said, according to the official Bernama news agency.

Abdul Sani was stabbed in the chest and died, and two men have been arrested in connection with the murder, it said.

HoliDAY and PRESENTS!!!!!

Yeay! A 3 day holiday!!! I just can't wait for the end of the year. Next MOnday is going to be a holiday and then I'm OFF from 25th Dec onwards - until the NEW YEAR!!!! Yeay!

I've got so many things to do, so many people to see - ooooops - getting a bit stressed out now but I just can't wait for the hols! My girfriends and I exchanged gifts for Christmas - rather hard when all 5 of us are based differently in the world! But I was a BAD BAD GIRL! ;)

Yuppers! I opened up all the pressies the moment I got them and I displayed the Christmas Cards at home.....I have even started using my pressies - oh Lord, when they read my blog, they are going to flip!!!!!!!!

Another girlfriend of mine also gave me a wonderful gift. She had my name inscribed on a piece of fancy paper with the origin and meaning (you know the one I mean?) and then it was framed up so now I have a lovely 'Errolyn' frame with characteristics of me (supposedly bestowed upon me by my name) sitting in my hall! That was quite quite great and I immediately sms-ed her upon reaching home and ripping up the wrapping. Needless to say, I don't often find my name just available be it on key chains, or mugs, or whatever....but this was special!

Thanks Girls! Love yous!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

How to Slim Down and Lose Weight...

When you are in a hurry, everything in the world conspires against you!

This morning, I was hungering for a nasi lemak on the way to work - well, actually I've been hungering for one, ummmm…..ever since I can remember - I just love nasi lemak - not good when you are trying to lose/maintain weight! :)

That's another story though. This morning I was hungry cos all I had last night was cabbage soup (anybody ever heard of the cabbage soup diet?), well, cabbage soup and some grapes and a MOO ice cream (you know - the ice cream wedged between two oreos)…..so, diet aside….Hahhahahahah

I wanted the yummy nasi lemak packet and thought ok, it's 8am now, I have to get out of the house, drive all the way to work, go downstairs to the cafeteria, buy the nasi lemak, ride the elevator all the way to the top floor and then eat my nasi lemak. And try to finish it before 8.45am. I rushed it anyway. But of course, I met Mr. Slow and Steady on the road right outside my house - Mr. Slow and Steady a 65 year old man from Penang - you can guess the speed at which he was driving! And then I met young tudung girl in Kancil who didn't quite dare dash out into the onrunning stream of traffic around the roundabout - don't you know girl? If you don't rush it, you will never get in!!!!!!

And then of course I met a silly car who wanted to stop and let another car into our queue…..so by the time I parked the car, I thought sod it, I am not going to be able to go downstairs and up and eat by 8.45am. Sad.

The only thing worse than this is that my boyfriend didn't take the hint to buy me a packet of nasi lemak last night……..you know…..when the novelty wears off…….

Seems it's pretty easy to lose weight and slim down fast when even the fates stand between you and your nasi lemak!