Thursday, December 04, 2008

How to Slim Down and Lose Weight...

When you are in a hurry, everything in the world conspires against you!

This morning, I was hungering for a nasi lemak on the way to work - well, actually I've been hungering for one, ummmm…..ever since I can remember - I just love nasi lemak - not good when you are trying to lose/maintain weight! :)

That's another story though. This morning I was hungry cos all I had last night was cabbage soup (anybody ever heard of the cabbage soup diet?), well, cabbage soup and some grapes and a MOO ice cream (you know - the ice cream wedged between two oreos)…, diet aside….Hahhahahahah

I wanted the yummy nasi lemak packet and thought ok, it's 8am now, I have to get out of the house, drive all the way to work, go downstairs to the cafeteria, buy the nasi lemak, ride the elevator all the way to the top floor and then eat my nasi lemak. And try to finish it before 8.45am. I rushed it anyway. But of course, I met Mr. Slow and Steady on the road right outside my house - Mr. Slow and Steady a 65 year old man from Penang - you can guess the speed at which he was driving! And then I met young tudung girl in Kancil who didn't quite dare dash out into the onrunning stream of traffic around the roundabout - don't you know girl? If you don't rush it, you will never get in!!!!!!

And then of course I met a silly car who wanted to stop and let another car into our queue… by the time I parked the car, I thought sod it, I am not going to be able to go downstairs and up and eat by 8.45am. Sad.

The only thing worse than this is that my boyfriend didn't take the hint to buy me a packet of nasi lemak last night…… know…..when the novelty wears off…….

Seems it's pretty easy to lose weight and slim down fast when even the fates stand between you and your nasi lemak!

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