Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Our Annual Dinner and Dance 2002 is coming up! It's time to get cracking about costumes and dates....well, about costumes anyway. The theme this year is Flower Power so I've got to get started on looking for flowery hippie free love kind of stuff.

Work is fine although slowing down as I said a few posts back.

Am rather bothered by the news reports in the papers about the Hudud laws that are being debated around the country although its influence would be limited only to certain states in the country (for the moment; if this ludicrousness doesn't stop). I read an interview yesterday in the Star where the proceedings, intricacies and workings of the Hudud/Syariah investigations and investigators were explained. I must say, though, that if the intention of the interview was to clear up doubts and inquiries about the Hudud law, it failed miserably.

I am not proud to say that I was almost laughing to myself while reading through it but some of the 'well-thought out', 'just', 'merciful' workings were just too scary to take seriously.

Let us hope the voters, when it comes to such a serious issue as this, take to heart what their vote will do and who their votes will put into power rather than thinking with the hearts and put the whole democracy at risk.

If the powers that be are so adamant about putting into effect religious laws that seek to do good and seek to be the mainstay of a life well-led, let us see the advantages of it. Seek to enlighten the unelightened should they be so confident that they are able to whip the country into better shape. It's time debates and arguments stop being petty and childish so that the good of the people can finally come to the forefront.

Power is power but this is a nation's lives you are 'playing' about with.

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