Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blowing Raspberries

I usually blow raspberries on Julian's tummy and guess WHAT!!! Today he blew them back on my thigh!!!!! OMG! It's amazing!
And he's got 2 wee teeth now (bottom ones) and we've started brushing his teeth morning and night.
I know it's been ages but work has been crazy and I've even started not going to the gym anymore cos there's just not enough hours in the day!!!
We also started co-sleeping with Julian in the bed so it's easier to breastfeed him at night. Yup! Still going at it! Exclusively is possible but I've been giving him a mixture of 1 ounce formula and 2.5oz expressed breast milk - just to get him used to the taste in case I run short again.......which seems to kinda be happening again now and the fenugreek and stinging nettle which worked a charm before, isn't quite so successful this time around. But I really really believe that the more water I take in, the more milk I can produce - so here's a 'yeah right!' to all those websites out there who told me, erroneously that drinking more liquids isn't going to help my milk production!!!! And expressing every 2 hours!
I have so far missed 1 night with Julian when I went on the office teambuilding event to the Mines Hotel - the night of Sept 10th.

Remember that No Problem Lasts Forever

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