Sunday, June 05, 2011

Insightful and Necessary but Effective?

Just read Zainah Anwar's column in The Star today "Same actors, same old script". I love her writing and think her comments and ideas make a whole lot of sense although I do think the title should read "Different actors, same old script".

So many people have come and gone saying the same thing, Malays and otherwise, but these articles have always been the words of a minority who appear on page 19 of a paper once in a while, while insidious, incorrect, inflammatory gossip hog headlines any day of the week.It's come to a point where I'm sure hardworking honest Malaysians just read the news and go on with living their lives. I, for one feel that no real change will come about. I don't believe change will come anytime soon.The current ministers make a mockery of their position and the citizens who elected them into office. Same old, same old.

It will take a very brave man or woman leader or leaders, a courageous, unified populace, ready for change and willing to stand on their own two feet for a genuine, lasting paradigm shift.

I don't think it will happen in my lifetime which is why Talent Corporation or no, if there is a chance of a less selfish, more equal life for my son elsewhere, I'd try out in a second.

Hence the title of this post, all these mature thoughts are necessary and definitely insightful, but effective? I'm afraid not.

Too bad.

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