Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unprofessional Conduct??

A friend of mine recently received a congratulatory email from a well-known, established organisation in Singapore - a shopping mall. Needless to say, after being told you had won FIRST PRIZE in a 'Sealed with a Ki$$' contest, you'd be ecstatic - heck I'm ecstatic at anything! hehehehe

However, like 15 minutes later, my friend received a rather sterile apology email informing her that 'sorry, we already have a winner and it AIN'T you. Thank you for your understanding'. Now, you'd think there'd be some heartfelt apology, maybe a little token of appreciation....tadak! You sek chi kei la (makan sendiri, salve your own wounds....) so - I thought it was unprofessional and most definitely NOT customer friendly!

Would YOU want your custom with these people????

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