Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When you pay top dollar, you expect....quality!

Last weekend, JH and I decided to have dinner at Centrepoint. There is an Italian place there that had been quite nice when we went before......well, not anymore! We ordered fish and chips which came in a miserable, new style 'little plate', chicken lasagne which was cream based and came in a small square as well as some bruschettas with various toppings. We were going to have water, bearing in mind that everything comes with calories but were told they only served bottled water. I thought only the expats were advised to drink 'bottled water - still or sparkling!'.

All in all we paid RM75.xx for a meal that was decidedly unsatisfying to the palate as well as to the eyes. We very firmly decided that that was the last time we would visit the little Italian place and that we would blog about it! We got madder still thinking that we paid RM75 and couldn't even get some normal water to drink! What is this??!

Then we walked on over to a nearby mamak to quelch our stomachs since the food earlier wasn't very good (- if you're wondering what wasn't good, the fish was extremely fishy and not what they used to serve which we liked and the lasagne - well, I can make better - even though yes, pasta and its ilk is my speciality!). I faintly recall there is a hotline we can call when the roti canai and teh tarik are above a ceiling price? Remember when mamak prices were skyrocketing when petrol went up and gas went up last year?

Well, the mamak's small triangular nasi lemak was RM1.70 and a roti kosong was RM1.30.

I won't say anymore.

Thanks all for listening to me gripe - hopefully, someone can save some money and go enjoy a wonderful buffet breakfast for only RM16.xx at Royale Bintang Damansara! :D

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