Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysian Ringgit buys what these days?

Sigh, more and more cars everyday on the road. I would gladly take public transportation if it was reliable, clean and safe. Not that it isn't clean now but I just wanted to throw that in.

I guess when the petrol price goes up, people start to save on petrol expenditure. But doesn't the economy going down contribute the same effect???? Actually I don't see much difference in the spending habits of Malaysians. It's as the NST recently reported, a lot of people are still spending money as they used to - am I the only one who is cautious, wary??? It doesn't help that getting married drains the coffers! ACK!

And an indirect result of the economy spiralling downwards is the price of gold rocketing. Madness! We bought some gold just 2 weeks ago at RM117 per gram and now it's what - nearing RM140 per gram??? It's good that we have earned some of it but now I need to buy something elsee…..W.H.I.N.E…..

I can remember a time when gold was RM33-36 per gram and people started complaining when it rose to RM50 per gram…..now, don't even bother! I should get me some good ole ingots!

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