Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hallelujah I Just Love IT So!

Aitelyu* - the best thing ever invented is an electric oven! A long time ago, I had bought fish fingers but had never made them because it was just too troublesome and wasteful to pour out a liter of oil just to fry some measly fish fingers for one. Last night though, with fingers almost expiring, I had an 'Eureka' moment and pulled them out. Hallelujah! The directions said 'best cooked directly from frozen state'. How much greater could the day get???

Well, it did when I confirmed that the fish fingers could be cooked in an oven - just stash them in a pre-heated oven at 250degrees Celsius for 12 minutes and voila! So, I heated the oven up and popped them in - went out to the carpark for a silly errand and when I came back, they were done! Didn't even have to scrub at the pan cos I had placed some baking paper on it so all I really had to do was EAT THEM!


Now I have a great idea - make PRETZELS!!! Except - where do I get yeast??? But aha! I just buy bread dough lah!

P.S. It seems to me that a lot of 40 something year old women who've never married, all look a certain way. I say that and leave it at that, lest I have to write 1,000 future essays to explain myself!

* I Tell You


Sue said...

Haiyo girl...a lot of things you can cook from frozen lo and straight to the oven...lol

Anonymous said...

let me start by saying I luuuuurve reading your expressive blog. But can u please remove the damn monkey? it's irritating to read when he keeps coming!!! Aiyoo! - thinki-