Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm in Love!

The past two times this has happened, it's come more slowly but this time I just saw and then the first thought that came to my mind was "I'm In Love!"

I love this book called Bet Me by Jenny (Jennifer) Crusie. The way it is written is fantastic - I love the way the two leads spar with each other and the wittee repartee keeps you turning page after page after page. I tried to get my then-boyfriend to read it (as part of a "let's try to read a book the other found fascinating to further build our bond of understanding and closeness") so that I could in one fell swoop, do the above paranthesized as well as get him to talk to me the way Calvin talks to Minerva (funny name I know).

Anyhoo - he didn't get around to it. And I had my own 'Off Limits' books because he had tried to get me to read this 'love letters from a man in harvard/oxford or something' which started off really boring.

Anyhoo (2) in 'Bet Me', both Calvin (male protagonist) and Min/Stats (female protagonist) has Fate telling them, drumming into their heads "THIS ONE!" whenever they see each other. You see, they keep trying to ignore and deny the delicious pull the universe has placed on both of them. Cutting the long story short - when I saw this one, Fate didn't say "This One" but "I'm In Love".

Up to you to decide which one is better!

[Big Smile now]

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