Friday, April 14, 2006


Just to let you all know that one week ago today, I committed Involuntary Manslaughter of a Biawak's Tail.

I confess to the crime but I plead temporary insanity.

At 10.23am last Friday 7 Aoril, I was driving my car at a steady pace below the Allowed Speed Limit on my way to work. I was happily humming a tune (the name escapes me at the moment) and had never before nor then entertained thoughts of murder.

Then, I suddenly saw this medium sized biawak (read: giant/monitor lizard) in the middle of the road. He was sunbathing on one of the dotted white lines down the middle of the winding road. And this is when Insanity set in!

Of course, being an animal loved, I turned the steering wheel to avoid the biawak. However, as if in a dream, I saw myself turning the wheel TOWARDS the poor guy! I gasped in horror but the deed was done, I felt the da-bump, and that was it.

My hand was at my mouth, there was a short scream of guilt.....and I continued driving towards work.

I put him out of my mind until later that night, when I confessed to a colleague, that I had committed Involuntary Manslaugther of a Biawak's Tail.

~head hangs down in shame~


mithz said...

Are you the famous biawak killer from Penang? My god what a small world.....!!

Errolyn said...

Hey! I did NOT kill the entire biawak!.....Just the tail....

Hehehe, and yes I am from the beautiful Isle Of Penang. When I saw your name, I immediately thought of Lisa....correct? Give me your contact!