Saturday, October 01, 2005

Well, obviously I've done something wrong again......needless to say that the last two posts were almost the same. But they were still different so I shall leave them up for people who have time to kill to read.

Sorry about it though - didn't mean to spread too much disease around - heck we already have dengue and AIDS, we don't need anything else actually!

So, here's a story instead:

Once upon a time, almost too long back to remember, there was a Dolphin called Tubby. He had a normal life, swimming around in the ocean, minding his own business, doing his own thing when suddenly, he met Beautiful Dolphin.

"She is so beautiful! I wonder if she'll be my friend?", he wondered.

Well, it so happened, that Beautiful Dolphin was happy to be Tubby's friend. She was carefree, happy, full of life and joy and Tubby welcomed this with open arms - It was a Nice Change. Although, he was very uncertain of himself all the time he got to know Beautiful - "Am I making her laugh enough?", "Does she enjoy what we're talking about?", "Where shall I take her?", "How can I spend more time with her and yet not seem too obvious and eager?".

It was all a wonderful time. It was crazy and soaring at the time and upon reflection, it still is.

Soon, everything was blossoming along so smoothly between Tubby and Beautiful that they decided to make their relationship concrete. He gave her keys to his underwater house and she gave him hers. He gave her his big thumping heart and she gave him hers. They went on many adventures and shared many a bubbly laugh, many wave crashing kisses (Aside: When Tubby and Beautiful first started kissing, they weren't very sure of each other's style, so a lot of times, it ended up being wet and slobbery ((or was that just due to unrestrained passion??)) but 'wave crashing' emotes better.)

For years it went on like this, there were of course some bad times, like when the ocean got so polluted that it was difficult for Tubby and Beautiful to see where they were going - sometimes, they almost lost each other but then somehow, as if by the Guiding Hand of The Great Sea Whelk, they always found each other again. There was also that time when an ex boyfriend of Beautiful's came back into the picture, Tubby got so mad that the water almost boiled around him on account of his soaring temper-ature. No worries, though because whether through darkness or light of the ocean, Tubby and Beautiful always came out swimmingly.

(Aside: Tubby and Beautiful sometimes feel like they risked it all to be together - one time, they took great deep breaths, sacrificed the ocean for 5 days and on the strength of their love and support for each other, climbed the great heights of the highest mountain around!)

Then one day, The Great Sea Whelk came and said, "Hey dude and dudette. Sorry man but I have to part you guys. It just ain't happening and the time has come. You guys have had your paradise under the sea but now .....adios muchachos!"

And as easy as that, Tubby and Beautiful had to part. It was painful and it was unbelievable. It was as if, the Great Sea Whelk had just taken the rays of the sun from the sea, it was as if the squids and shrimp that they eat had evaporated and torturous though it was, everyone knew that the word of the Great Sea Whelk had to be adhered to.

And so they parted......just like that.

Tubby then decided, "Well, that was that and now it's gone. Let me try to salve my pain. How? Let me find another Dolphin!".

Well, it wasn't long before his wish came through. The sun shone 5 more times and he found her. Her name as Singer Dolphin. He thought to himself, "AHA! She's good! She will be the one."

And so, the courting began. Tubby got her phone number, chatted with her and tried to get to know her as best he could. He didn't want to be too obvious about it though because who knows who may be watching? But "If nobody can see the way I feel about this dolphin, they must all have been in contact with too much chlorin and gone blind!"

Now Singer was often caught in stressful situations, she just couldn't keep herself out of them and there have been times, when Tubby has come to the rescue and saved her from the sharks! He very often wanted to just whisk her away to a secluded underwater cove somewhere and have her to himself - so far that hasn't happened yet. He turned on the charm, Tubby did. He sent her beautiful bouquets of seaweed and sea anemonies. He even sent FAST Sailfish missives to his Faraway Friend to tell her all about the new Singer - all about how she makes his heart beat like its never beaten before, how he feels like he is floating (Aside: yes, dolphins float but you know what I mean!), how he wishes her Boyfriend would die from any of the common viral, bacterial and fungal infections that affect dolphins. Tubby felt so jealous he could burst!

But hey, are we forgetting Beautiful? Well, once in a while, Tubby would feel guilty and swim by to rest with her on the sand, hang out with her and tell her stories to make her feel better. But then off he would go, back to Singer and all her good-ness.

Tubby always hums Katie Melua's 'Closest Thing To Crazy' because he feels since Singer is......well, a singer dolphin; he'd like to dedicate this to her (Aside: it's something that she's familiar with!) The words of the song describes how he feels for her and if only she would see it (Aside: I think I forgot to mention that Singer knows that Tubby likes her but hasn't any way) Tubby would be on Sea Cloud 9. Tubby now swims around everyday with Starfish around him because whenever he thinks of Singer, it makes his portion of the sea, nay, the entire ocean Brighter!

And that, my friends, is the story of Tubby and Singer and who was the other Dolphin again???? ...............................................Oh yes, Beautiful - stay tuned for the second installment. What would you like to happen next?

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Anonymous said...

It's an extremely beautiful story, so well written that i can feel the fragility, and yet, also the strength behind it. No doubt, there is a cloud of pain around it all, but ... beautiful dolphin has not lost all. The Great Sea Whelk works in mysterious ways...but apart from that, beautiful dolphin has always had that inner light in her. And that will make her see, that as deep as the oceans are, you can always find light, and it is so beautiful that you never question why you even search for it in the first place. It's just an undeniable quest. Yes, there is a heavy cloud, but as long as beautiful dolphin realizes that she is still beautiful, and will be even more so, after this, that she can and will find sunlight again in the oceans, all she needs is a little time. Singer dolphin is immaterial. She is unimportant because she has no place in Beautiful dolphin's life. And Beautiful Dolphin only has to realize that Tubby's time has come too, and it is time to let go....Sunlight cannot be forced. You can never catch it or hold it in your can only bask in its glow, & feel warm & fuzzy. And when that sets, then it's just time to wait for the next sunrise.
If not tomorrow, then the day after. But the sun always rises again.