Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sun, Surf and ...

Woohoo!!! Two weekends in a row by the beautiful beach! Or next to seawater of some description, anyway.

First weekend was a mini-break at Perhentian. I cunningly decided to take a break from mundane work with my office mates by taking a holiday at Pulau Perhentian with my office mates. I know. Go figure.

But if it wasn't for them, I'd probably not go snorkelling. You know, I'm pretty keen on this stuff, apart from the fact that I can't swim. It's okay. I was never motivated enough. And that's what pelampung are for anyway.

I went snorkelling at Kota Kinabalu and everything was cool. Except maybe for those wormsie things.

Anyway, I know now that when you snorkel you sometimes see these striped worms, but they're not really worms, they're jellyfish. I know this now. Don't need to freak out so much. Forewarned is forearmed.

And the great thing is, there aren't that many stripey jellyfish at Perhentian. Snorkelling is so cool, a whole new world opens up before your eyes. For example, there are fish, big ones. Coral, beautiful, colourful coral. And then there were the Sea slugs.

You know, when you say "slug", you think "black thing that crawls in the garden, looks like a snail without a shell"? Well, the sea slugs I saw were like that, except that they're bigger. Like "length of my arm" bigger. Okay, so my arms are on the short side, but, hey, they were big enough for me to go "OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD!" when I saw them.

And if that doesn't sound too freaky, try saying that underwater the next time.

Of course, this guy who shall remain nameless, picked one up and tried to drape it on me.

You know how I said I couldn't swim? Amazing how fast you learn with enough motivation.

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