Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogger is looking really weird for me now and I think it is because they have updated their look again. I shall have to wait for D to fix it I guess.....

It's been a really hectic new year. So much to do and see. I am thinking perhaps I should write a column for a newspaper or magazine. Wouldn't it be cool if I had a job writing columns like Sex in the City? Or another dream job of mine would be food/vacation spots critic!!!!

So many new things to set up at the office, some exciting, some tedious, some routine and some downright practising dancing - damn I wish I had more of that.

Don't know if I can say that I am learning alot; as I should be, what with being in a new position which requires more responsibility and more horizons and all that.....but....

anyway, I must say at the moment, there's lots going on but I've explained it, talked about it so much now that I don't wanna say anything more about work!

D's in ulu Bradford, UK. Wishing I was there of course!

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