Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's been one year on the books, 4 months in the planning and now the time has finally come for us 4 girls to go travelling around the beautiful North and South Island of NZ.

14 days of uninterrupted splendour is what we hope for not to mention some exciting fun! I mean what's a holiday without some mischief and good-natured jollying eh? I plan to do things I never planned on, it's time to kick off all those chains and fears because I'm thinking if I don't do it now, when on Earth am I going to do it?

I'm not young anymore, time to take responsibility and ownership for my own enjoyment right?

So, we're just four happy girls going off on a girl's trip, driving, cruising, staying at YHA hostels, flying on our own and trying not to overspend! I don't think we'll be doing much shopping there, Economic Board of NZ, but what the heck, they've already stolen 9k from me!

So, look out for fantastic LOTR pics and grandeur.
I can't wait!

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