Monday, September 29, 2003

Hi Hi Hi!!!! Today is the beginning of a thousand new good things!

Times Square is opening, D is back, house moving soon and who knows anything could happen ;) !

Well, having finished my home leave for the past two weeks not doing anything in particular except perhaps gorging on fantastic food one cannot find in KL......ok, hard-pressed to find.....sometimes I feel it was a waste to spend such a long period of time not actually doing anything. Would have loved to have had a vacation somewhere especially since it's going to be another year before I get to do this again. But then, one cannot always get what one wants eh? At the very least, I am still happy, healthy and safe and sound.

Am actually quite excited about moving house. Hope this one will turn out better than the last one. God knows, I cannot do this again in the near future. Moving house is such a damn chore especially since it's not like I am moving into my own new home. Have been thinking about that alot lately, getting me own place. But God knows how I am going to afford it since I am not into buying and selling or renting but into buying my HOME. Somewhere I can do up nicely and without a third thought about expense but actually doing it up the way I like it and being able to call it my own. Hence, I want someplace cool with a nice space with good neighbours and nearby facilities. What any normal sane person wants actually. Shouldn't be too hard eh?

By the way, just wanted to say that I went to watch 'Jit Hits the Fan' at Actor's Studio recently. It wasn't too bad but at RM42 for a measly hour, it definitely is too expensive. Not to detract from Jit, I mean the man can be funny (although even he himself admits he ain't no Robin Williams or Ray Romano ((read: stand up comic)) ) but come on, 40 big and 2 small ones for 60 minutes? No can do. I ain't doing it again. Although Jit, if you're reading this and you're gonna give me free entrance to 're-evaluate' your comedic prowess, I would be happy to oblige.

(Am beginning to sound like someone I know....)

Think Happy Thoughts!

Monday, September 15, 2003

This is only the second time that I have seen this new template of Blogger's so you can guess how long it has been since I've written anything. Actually the truth is I have written stuff....time-sensitive material which focused on my moods and opinions of the moment. Yes, I wrote them at work but then I never brought home my good ole pen and paper jottings and thus, no one has seen the poor forgotten things!

Anyhow, am currently on long leave and looking forward to going back home; good food, good friends, family. What more can a girl ask for eh?

So, here's to two weeks of me lazing about the house, no access to email except Astro, The Star and good food, good friends and family! I don't know to say if I am enjoying the essence of life or that life is passing me by. I guess it is a matter of personal perception and priorities isn't it?

Some people hunger and hanker for the RICH life and therefore, the here and now is filled to the brim (forgive the accidental exciting phrase!) with work, microwave dinners and more work. I guess it's harder for guys isn't it cos if you were a girl then what the heck, MARRY a rich guy! Hhahahhahaaaaa.....but seriously, I guess it is important to work really hard and let your career fill your days......only if you achieve job satisfaction and you actually love the job that is! Because if you don't but yet you spend 80% of your time on it, then life isn't worth it eh cos who knows, before you get RICH, you could get HIT BY A BUS!

If you ask me, job satisfaction is one of the top five qualities to achieve in life. Jump around, look for better and better jobs until you find one that makes you not want to go to the doctor's every morning which pays you enough (and a bit) and then stick around. Stick around because not much could make you voluntarily give up the job.

Simple isn't it - life. Graduate, fall in 'love', first job, break your heart, second job, fall in 'love', buy a car, third job, fall in love, settle mutual hopes, dreams, goals, buy a home, get married, move up the ladder, have first kid, buy better car, make Assistant Vice President, second kid (perhaps), buy another car, celebrate husband's making CEO and your making it good in the industry as well, live happily ever after.

Ok, the fairytale comes true for one in a ....thousand? But at the very least, fall in love, achieve job satisfaction, nurture a happy healthy family, find financial security and enjoy and appreciate all the life has given you.

It is becoming easier and easier to see that people marry quite easily nowadays. Everywhere you look there's a wedding happening and people just seem to jump into the boat like they're buying a holiday package. But it isn't! It is infinitely more difficult and fulfilling than that. Growing older without the pressure of getting married and having the wonderful experience of seeing others go through it first certainly has its benefits. You realise that so much goes into a marriage. So much to settle before and after the decision to commit your life to another person.

And then there's the kids, I mean, how much more difficult do you want to make a marriage? I just have never been one for kids so I guess that's a rather prickly issue for me.

Anyways, I guess I have highlighted a few important issues for people on the verge of marriage. There are a shocking number of marriages that fall apart but guess what, if you jump with the right one (meaning the one you're willing to fight for through thick and thin), marriage can be least that is what I visualise it to has to be eh? Otherwise what is it all for????