Monday, July 28, 2003

Please check out the end to Temptation Island for those who were in Livingston watching it with me!

One surprising ending and two not at all revelations.
I must be getting old.....otherwise I would't be feeling as tired as I feel now!

It definitely has to be a combination of the late late nights and earlyish mornings coupled with the great demands of work, thought and exercise; but I have to be changing something or else my body is going to rebel! The only thing I am surprised about is that I haven't fallen ill yet.

Have not been able to catch 'The Amazing Race' as it shows on Friday night. Have had to watch video tapings of it and again this seasonl, I find it hard to remember all the names of the contestants except for the more 'exciting' ones. Is the interest waning or is the show losing its touch? But I was however, very pleasantly surprised when they were in Malaysia (Sabah, guys, not Borneo!) for more than an hour!

Also they highlighted so many interesting places in Sabah that I think I would love to visit! Gomantong Caves, the Sepilok Orang Utan's time for us to get to know our own country don't you think? many venues so little time. I haven't shopped in ages! So many things on the mind. Wish I could just get away and relax...........yes definitely time for that now!

No energy for big and heavy thoughts intellectual discussions.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Yes, another month of non-news!

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I wonder if I would quit working! Just travel the world for a bit, go home and relax. Spend time with my family perhaps start my own business where I go around the world, looking for unusual trinkets to sell in Malaysia.

Life is good but not very good. Unsure of how I can explain it. It seems like I have everything, good job, good family, good friends and relationships but then....sometimes, life is always what it looks like on the surface. I don't know how to explain it even to myself. Is everything alright or is alot not? Have you ever had periods like this?

There's so much to think about but when you try to scrutinise the big picture, you think to yourself, there's not much cause for complaint. But somehow, something somewhere deep inside you knows things could be better.

What can I say, I have reached my mid-life crisis! Hhahahahahahhahaa

Anyhoo, another just that, another day. Doesn't life change? Why is everything routine? It's especially bad, I guess, if the routine were ROUTINE!

We should just learn to be happy. But should we be content with what we have or should we strive to better what is? Stir the stagnant pool. Everyone deserves the best and if you don't grab it for yourself, you sure as !!!! can't expect it to fall from the sky.

The thing is, do I have the courage to stir the stagnant pool?