Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Yahoo! News - Miss Universe Fired, to Be Replaced by Runner-Up

To think that beautiful woman won just so she could get fired! No, no, that's not the case but I think it is just plain dumb to have come so far but risk as well as sacrifice all that you have accomplished.

Why would she shame herself as well as her country like that! I can bet you the promotion to captain doesn't come anymore....

Life has been busy so forgive me for not writing more often. I cannot wait for the new Lord of the Rings movie 2 to come out in December.

I just came back from a hectic weekend in Penang. I think everywhere around the world, whenever you go home, however long you go home, it is never enough.

By the way, had dinner last night at TGI Friday's at Section 14. Let me tell you the service there was baddish and the menu selection isn't too great either. And to think I 'chose' (through a coin toss) Friday's over Sushi King....never again! Chili's anytime for me!


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