Wednesday, April 24, 2002


To use a colloquialism, HAIYA!!! The World Cup is just around the corner but obviously not near enough for certain quarters. I must say I still cannot fathom the attraction to this game where men run about in baggy shorts and knee socks trying to kick a ball around. By the way, why is the ball coloured black and white?

Most of the men I know swear that life without football is almost not worth living. Where does the fascination come from? How did it germinate? From conversations with fanatics, it seems to start when they're young. If you're a boy between the impressionable ages of 5-12, and you're exposed to football (either virtual or reality), you're very likely to become a footie junkie as you grow into adulthood. If you were not, the addiction rarely takes hold later on.

(I cannot believe I am talking so much about football!) Time to move last thought though....
The World Cup is Not My Cup of Tea!!!

It starts... when?..... 5 weeks on?

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