Friday, February 11, 2011

Great shows on TV

I mean Astro of course! I just caught the first few episodes of 'The Big C' starring Laura Linney and I think it's great! I think she makes the character extremely believable and she has just the right look (Casting Director - good job!) of hope and sadness and she looks just like the woman next door, the Jane on the street who could be struck with cancer. Bottomline, she encapsulates the outer as well as inner images of a woman with cancer.

I also really like the new 'American Idol Season 10' - didn't think I would cos I never really liked Jennifer Lopez but hey, she and Steven Tyler are really good judges! They bring a cool and knowledgeable camaraderie to the set. I never thought Paula Abdul had the chops to be a judge on a singing show (I mean, she knows how to sing???  Dance yes, sing no), never did like Kara DiGuordi (don't even care enough to check if I spelled her name right), Ellen Degeneres geez, even worse - Ryan Seacrest did mention to Oprah that she brought the viewer's or participant's perspective but how can a judge on a Singing Show not even have any singing experience???? So yeah, the new line up is good - I do miss Simon Cowell but less and less now. Hhahahahaha.....

And last but definitely not least - so far, I have watched probably like 2 full episodes of 'The Biggest Loser'. I got very upset when every time I switched the TV on, all that seemed to be showing was this terrible show which bore no relevance to my life, was ironic at the very least that so many couch potatoes were watching other couch potatoes try to lose weight - probably while munching popcorn and guzzling soda.....and suddenly lo and behold, one day I happened on 'Losing It with Jilian'. I, of course, know her from the former show and thought, wow! what's so great about her that she got her own spin-off??? And upon watching it, I can understand - the lady is good looking and buff and has got enough charisma and balls to pull off the persona she has on the show - she can berate you til the high heavens and all you wanna do is show her you can do what she wants you to do!

So there - the fruits of my maternity leave! :)