Friday, August 03, 2007


Right, it most definitely is too long to go without writing when I don't even remember my username and password. Well, actually I remember my password but the username (because Blogger changed it to Google Account some time back) is the one I couldn't remember.

It's been really hectic for me and especially so now. In June 07 I got the notification that my house keys were ready for collection so I was ecstatic! My own place! Ahhhhhh! This notwithstanding the fact that I had told my chief tenant that I was moving out maybe March or April 07 since the sales person told me the keys would be handed over in February 07!

Nonetheless, better late than having to service the loan for ages on end with no end in sight. So after key collection, my house gave me my first little surprise. And it was a 'little' surprise indeed. The hall and dining area was huge BUT the rooms and bathrooms were tiny! To cut things short, quite a few of my dreams and ideas for the house like a luxurious bathtub flew out my gorgeous bay windows!

But anyway, after some time, the shock wears off and I was really active on my condo online forum, sharing ideas, complaints, dreams......Defect rectification started and after 40 days, it was completed. According to Lillian Too's calendar, Aug 3rd 11am is a wonderful time to begin renovation so my guy - Ah Weng, went in and drilled the first 'almost' hole at 11am! Yippeeeee! I am anxious about the renovation going well as well as thrilled!

All electrical works should be done by this time next week, including another contractor coming in and putting in grille work. Then the last contractor comes in for kitchens. Next Errolyn gets all creative and starts a painting. Only a few walls so I reckon I should be able to do it. I have a lot of offers from friends to help, but, wonder how many will actually come through! Anyway, better to rely on meself huh! AND THEN I CAN MOVE IN!!!!!!!!!!

Another little note, wonder why Damansara Utama Uptown has been so clogged up recently. I have been wanting for the past 5 days to go buy my usual Yong Tau Foo there but can't drive smoothly through and can't find parking. Aiyoyoyooooo, missing my Yong Tau Foo!!!!