Wednesday, December 07, 2005



May you all have the best birthdays ever. This year has been a big one for us - you all know what I'm talking about (Michael - yours is one day into the new year but actually deciding to do it was huge too) and I wish all our subsequent years will only get better and better.

I couldn't have made it through this year without the support of my friends and family who have made me open up more than I ever would have and have 'rescued' me many an occasion.

I will try to make everyone proud by rising above it all like Fawkes - reborn.....

Thank you and I love you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I was going to post an open invitation to watch Harry Potter here on my website…..but somebody has kindly agreed to watch it with me so…..perhaps some other time.

I think it’s a great idea isn’t it that I can use my website as an informal message board to get people (of similar interests) together. For example, I would like to watch ‘Rumour Has It’, if there’s anybody out there who is also interested in watching and meeting someone new at the same time, feel free to drop me your contact number so we can perhaps meet up. No guarantees though that we will get together! All depends on whether we can ‘click’ on the phone or not. Hheheheheheeeeee……

Perhaps I should study it properly and see how I can turn it into a reality. Although perhaps I have to pilot it – by trying it out on myself!

And it can run both ways, if there are people out there with similar interests – dance, music, movies, traveling, reading, shopping, riding, ice skating – let me know and we can endeavour to meet up!

Which reminds me, mum told me Patrizio is coming to town! The guy has got such a fantastic voice! Better than Il Divo and a different kind of good from Josh Groban. (I guess you can kinda guess what kind of music I listen to! Add country music and R&B to the list – if I say Britney Spears I would have gone too far right? But hey, I think the lady can really entertain!!!) Anyway, Russell Watson is also coming to town with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra for YTL’s 50th Anniversary – lovely (Check out the 5 day itinerary). Didn’t think he sounded very good the first couple of times I heard him but recently on a trailer, the man’s voice sounded pretty ok!

Ok, the invitation goes out now – I have registered for balloted free tickets to the 5 day extravaganza on Please leave your name and number if you’re interested in attending with me (preferably if you’ve endeavoured to get the tickets too!) and tell me why you wanna go!

Ooooohhh, life has been so busy for me – well at least the past two days. But I realize that now I spend time in the office without feeling like I want to rush off home. Which I guess can be bad in the long run cos there’s definitely more to life than just work. But for the mean time……it works.