Tuesday, January 03, 2012


It’s been ages but better late than never. Back at work now after 2 weeks of doing nothing but eat and spend time with my baby. I’m stopping breastfeeding now, after a year, sad but also think it’s the right time.


So, yup – definitely new changes for the new year! Now it’s time to start thinking again about work and my exciting new project, how to make my life more meaningful with hubby, with baby, with parents and sister and family in law. Perhaps think about nursery? Perhaps think about another baby? But definitely to contact my optometrist and tell her, my new contact lense don’t work! Hahahahahhaha…….


Have a good one friends and I will try to be a better person this year. I think the last year has seen me change so much, personally. For the better I think though anyone other than my baby may not think so cos my quota of patience is exhausted by him,  and everyone else seems to get the short end of the stick – so for that I apologise. But this year is a new year, I will pass the mid 30 mark this year and I can’t see how the years have flown. I really can’t.